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Your Consultation; Designing Your Perfect Photoshoot

Who needs an excuse to talk hair, make-up and jaw-dropping dresses? Um...not me!

When you book your photoshoot with me, you get a complimentary Design Consultation included.

Your Design Consultation is an important part of your photography experience. This is where we'll sit down to design everything for your perfect photoshoot. You may need images for your personal branding or social media, or you may want the whole glamorous, film star for a day experience. Whatever the reason for getting your portrait taken, it's important; to you, and me, to ensure you get the images and the experience you want.

People often feel uncomfortable in front of the camera; that's completely natural. So, it's my job to take away any stress I can by making sure I've planned your session ahead of time. This includes outfits, poses and backdrops. There is often months of planning and preparation that goes in to your photoshoot before the day itself. This, again, ensures that everything goes as smoothly as possible and my team and I can concentrate on pampering you and making you look and feel amazing - all of which will ooze out during your photoshoot and you'll end up with images that you'll love!

Start by having a look online (Pinterest is great for this!) and gather some ideas on how you want to be photographed. It is my mission to take the best portrait you've ever seen of yourself!

See you in the studio!

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