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Your business means everything to you. I'm here to help you show it off to the world!


Good imagery is an integral part of your business' branding and together, we'll create an awesome foundation of images for you to use over all your marketing and social media. 

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a woman with a message that needs to be heard

ready to start marketing yourself

all about female empowerment and being the best girl boss you can be

over the stress of worrying what to post on social media

a believer that setting an example for the next generation is super important

People I've worked with include artists, music teachers, virtual assistants, dermatologists, play writes, executives...



- I'm a business owner, just like you. I know its scary and exciting at the same time!

- I'm an introvert, so I know it can be tough to put yourself out there.

- I score really high for intuition, meaning I tend to get the 'feel' of someone from their vibe, even before chatting to them.

- I'm a champion of women and 'the little guy'; I've been known to cry when people achieve, overcome or succeed. (Seriously, I'll join in with anyone crying on TV!)

- I know the power of a good photograph. 




My most popular photoshoot. By investing in a Branding Gallery shoot, you'll ensure that your images have brand consistency - building trust and loyalty in your customers and making them more likely to buy from you. A great way to update your brand imagery every 6-12 months.


The Branding Gallery includes:

- Digital preparation guide to help you get ready for your session.

- Private Pinterest board to share ideas ahead of your photoshoot.  

- Half day on-location photography (up to 4 hrs)

- 30 fully retouched, high-resolution digital images for use on your business' website, social media and printed marketing.

- Password protected client page on my website for you to view and select your images.

- Add professional hair & make-up for £60.