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Support Ukraine

We're all reeling from what is happening in Ukraine and want to support as much as we can.

Whilst there may not be loads we can do from the UK, we can send funds to organisations who can

use your money to help those in need. 

Some of you may know, I'm a knitter & crocheter. The company I use to supply my yarn etc. has a

team based in Ukraine and they are currently raising funds to help relocate and financially support

those team members who's lives have been disrupted. I've put their details below, along with details

of other organisations you may want to consider donating to. 

I'll also be wearing my #StandWithUkraine crocheted heart pin, to show our European neighbours

that they're not alone.


Love Crafts Just Giving

Relocation support

We're providing support and help to enable the team and their family members relocate to safe destinations outside Ukraine. We have arranged hotels in major cities in Poland: Krakow, Lublin, Warsaw, and have provided daily updates to ensure the team can, if possible, reach safer locations. Many of our team are still in Ukraine, including Kyiv and Kharkiv. We are continuing to invest in local people and new ways to get them to safer locations and support them with shelter when they reach their new destinations.

Financial support

Advanced payments were issued to all of our Ukrainian team on the morning of the 24th of February. We will continue to pay our Ukrainian team, whether or not their work is impacted. The team is receiving emergency financial aid from the business and donations from other team members. 

The money is already being spent on essential supplies.

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Come Back Alive

Since its birth in 2014, Come Back Alive has become the largest foundation providing support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


How Come Back Alive Helps

Our Foundation stands with the Ukrainian Armed Forces by funding purely defensive initiatives. Since 2014, we have supplied nearly 1,000 thermal scopes and over 250 reconnaissance drones. Along with this material support, we’ve supported technological advancements with 1,500 tablets containing «Armor» artillery calculation software.

Come Back Alive also conducts training to give our troops broader skill sets. Since 2015, we’ve introduced courses for medical care workers, artillerymen, snipers, sappers, and defense analysts. After arriving home from the front line of defense, our troops receive support with sports rehabilitation and the development of veteran-run businesses.

Our organization does not use funds to buy weaponry. Our mission is purely to supply technology, training, and ammunition to help save the lives of Ukrainians and help our soldiers defend Ukraine.

Click here to donate

All info copyright Come Back Alive

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Black Foreigners in Ukraine

Helpful links, advice and support for black foreigners fleeing Ukraine.

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British/Ukrainian Red Cross

The main aim of the Society’s activity is to ensure human life protection, prevention and mitigation of human suffering during armed conflicts, natural disasters, catastrophes and accidents, support to medical services of the armed forces and public healthcare services, assist public authorities of Ukraine in their activities in the humanitarian field.

 «…The objective is achieved unbiasedly, without any discrimination based on nationality, race, gender, religion, language, class or political convictions…»

(The extract from the Charter of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society)

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All info copyright Red Cross

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OutRight International

OutRight is determined to assist LGBTIQ Ukrainians in their fight to survive this brutality.  And to succeed, we urgently need your support.  100% of donations to OutRight’s Ukraine Fund go directly to local LGBTIQ partners in Ukraine and neighboring countries supporting our community during this crisis.  Contributions help provide emergency assistance to LGBTIQ people who need safe shelter, food, competent medical care, transportation for those who are fleeing, and other types of humanitarian support. 

Already – because of generous support from people like you – OutRight has distributed a first round of grants to 15 field partners serving LGBTIQ Ukrainians.

Click here to donate

All info copyright OutRight Action International

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