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UPDATE Monday January 4th 2020


For the safety of my clients and all those we come in to contact with, I must unfortunately postpone all photoshoots, in any setting, for the time being. This will be constantly reviewed, but at the moment, I feel it is safer to hold off and be sure that we can connect and work together, when it is safer to do so. 

While we work through this difficult winter, we must follow latest laws and therefore, must not meet up with anyone outside of our own household, only leaving our houses when it is absolutely necessary. 

As always, my email is open for enquiries and you are still able to purchase gift cards from my online shop for use at a later date. There is no expiration date on these gift cards.

I look forward to welcoming you all back as soon as possible!



UPDATE Thursday 5th November 2020

As England enters another lockdown, we must, again look at how we work together and how and if there is a safe, practical way to continue with our plans. Further to this, please see current provisions below:


  • For now, photoshoots must be held outside only (this will get harder to accommodate as the weather turns increasingly Wintry!)

  • Only you and/or members of your household will be permitted to attend the photoshoot, aside from me, the photographer. 

  • Hair & Makeup must only be done by you or a member of your household. 

  • The 2m distance must be kept at all times.

  • No contact is to take place between you, members of your household and me, the photographer, at any time. 

  • Any new photoshoots booked will now be from Dec 2nd 2020.


  • Any photoshoot you have booked between Nov 5th 2020 and Dec 2nd 2020 will be rescheduled to December/January where possible. 

  • You will be permitted to reschedule your photoshoot, however, to any time in 2021 if it has to be cancelled due to Covid-19.

Covid-19 Safety Measures- Updated 24.08.2020





Your photoshoot may be slightly different to what we were all expecting at the beginning of the year, but my team and I are dedicated to ensuring the safety of everyone involved while we work together to give you great images and the lasting memories of a fantastic photoshoot!


The structure of your time with me will remain the same; 

  • After your initial enquiry, we will chat on the phone to go over what you’re looking for, who the session is for etc. and to make sure I’m the right photographer for you. If so, we will also book your CONSULTATION and PHOTOSHOOT. 


  • A few weeks before your session, we will talk again (the CONSULTATION) to finalise outfits, hair & makeup, styling and to allow you to see the range of products I offer. 


  • Your PHOTOSHOOT, complete with hair and makeup will take place in a local studio and is expected to last between 4-6 hours.


  • Your ORDERING SESSION will follow around 2 weeks after your photoshoot and delivery of your products is aimed to be completed within another 2-4 weeks. 





I love to hold my consultations in person, over coffee. However, this is not always possible whilst we deal with the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, you may now request an online consultation, using Zoom, or a phone consultation. You will be asked what you would prefer during our initial phone chat. 


In-person consultations will take place only if and where it is safe to do so and following all government guidelines. This means that we must sit at least 1.5m apart from each other at all times and masks must be worn when inside. 

There will be sanitisation wipes on hand for use when handling sample products. Each product must be wiped down by me before handing over and then wiped down by you once you have finished with it and before handing back. I will also provide anti-bacterial hand gel. All products will be wiped with anti-bacterial wipes after any consultation to ensure no cross-contamination. 


Online consultations will be booked with me, via Zoom at a time agreed between us. A link to attend your consultation will be emailed to you prior to your consultation, including an entry ID and password. Please ensure you enter the Zoom Meeting at least 5 minutes beforehand, so I can add you to the call. Products will be shown to you over video.


Phone consultations will be booked at a time agreed between us. You will be sent an email to confirm the time and date agreed. I will call you at our agreed time. Please ensure you have at least 20-30 minutes to talk. 


As with all consultations, you will be given/emailed (depending on the method of consultation) ‘Style Guide’ and ‘Product Menu’ booklets.


Please note: At this time, it is advised that we opt for an online consultation. 





On the day of your photoshoot, hair & makeup is carried out by a professional stylist. They are contracted by me for your photoshoot but remain self-employed and therefore, responsible for their own safety measures. 


I will not work with any stylist who does not conform to latest government guidelines surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. I insist that any hair & makeup artist/stylist I work with provides their own PPE (personal protective equipment) for their personal use throughout styling and whenever assisting in the photoshoot itself. This includes the wearing of a visor and mask when the distance between you, the client, and the stylist is less than 2m and the wearing of a mask when the distance is generally more than 2m. 

Occasionally, ‘touch-ups’ of hair and/or makeup will be required. The stylist must wear the appropriate PPE if working less than 2m from you, the client. 


It will be required of the stylist to use disposable items where appropriate/necessary and to disinfect and sterilise all used equipment prior to each photoshoot, using Barbicide or equivalent. 




Parties attending the shoot will be kept to a minimum. This will include me, the photographer, 1 hair & makeup artist, you as the client/model and members of your household, providing none of you has symptoms of Covid-19 (please see below for more info.)


I, your photographer, will be wearing a face mask throughout your photoshoot. Any members of your party are also free and encouraged to wear face masks throughout. Occasional styling alterations/hair adjustments may need to take place. These will be done as quickly as possible to avoid any prolonged contact and, where possible, will be carried out by either the on-site stylist or by yourself or a member of your family. 


Any outfit changes will be done by you, the client and/or members of your family. Neither me, nor members of the team will touch any garments or accessories you bring with you, except where necessary (i.e. to alter/adjust styling). All clothing and accessories you bring with you must be kept separate from the hair and makeup station and any other on-site equipment to avoid any cross-contamination. 

It is advised that all outfit changes and accessories are your own and are brought with you to your photoshoot. At this time, I will not be providing any clothing or accessories to any clients. 




Due to social distancing measures put in place by the government, your ordering session must now take place via Zoom. We will book your ordering session on the day of your photoshoot (usually around 2 weeks after your photoshoot has taken place), at a time and date agreed between us. A link to attend your consultation will be emailed to you prior to your ordering session, including an entry ID and password. Please ensure you enter the Zoom Meeting at least 5 minutes beforehand, so I can add you to the call. 


I will then be able to share my screen with you so that you’re able to see your images for the first time! Products and framing options will also be shown so that you’re able to make your purchasing decisions. 


Payments can be made via online payment or bank transfer. An invoice will be emailed to you with all your order details and payment options once your ordering session is complete. All payments must be cleared before I put your order in to production. Due to the bespoke nature of your photographs, all product purchases are non-refundable.  





For the health and safety of all of us, including you, we must put certain health and safety measures in place. Upon arrival at the studio, you will be asked to wash and/or gel your hands. 


All photographic equipment is to be handled by me, only. If a situation occurs where it has been handled by another party, they must wipe it down with the provided anti-bacterial wipes. 


All hair & makeup equipment is to be handled by the stylist, only. If a situation occurs where it has been handled by another party, they must wipe it down with the provided anti-bacterial wipes or, if not possible, move it to a secure location to be sterilised after the photoshoot. 


Where possible, each party (i.e. photographer, stylist/HMUA, client & your family) must keep 2m apart from each other. Where this is not possible, each person must be wearing the appropriate PPE (except you, the client, during the process of your makeover and photoshoot). 

If you have returned from a foreign country or area of the UK from which the government has advised you quarantine for 14 days upon your return, please do so, even if the rules have changed while you were there. If you have a photoshoot booked within that 14 day period, please get in touch to arrange rescheduling your session.  




As an independent photographer, working with select independent specialists, we are all responsible for providing our own PPE and ensuring it is up to standard. 

This can include:

  • Disposable medical-grade face masks

  • Reusable, fabric face masks (must be 3 layers thick. Please use reusable masks if possible and keep the medical-grade ones for our key workers)

  • Plastic visors

  • Latex gloves

  • Anti-bacterial hand gel and wipes

  • Any sanitisation product incl. Barbicide. 

  • Disinfectant spray.




Please do not attend your photoshoot if you, or anyone in your household, have any symptoms of Coronavirus i.e.

  • Fever or high temperature (above 37.8° C)

  • New, persistent cough

  • Loss of, or change to your sense of smell or taste


Should you, or anyone in your household, come down with any of these symptoms within 2 weeks prior to your photoshoot, I will endeavour to rebook you for another session at least 2 weeks away, once quarantining is complete (currently 10 days from first symptoms if you’re ill, 14 days if someone in your household is ill). If this is not possible, any booking fee or deposit will be refunded to you within 28 days. 


If you, or anyone in your household, have had any of these symptoms more than 2 weeks prior to your photoshoot, according to government guidelines and providing all quarantine methods were followed, you are now safe to attend your photoshoot. 


If anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms and you are having to self-isolate (currently 14 days), please follow government guidelines, let me know and I will endeavour to rebook your session for a later date. If this is not possible, any booking fee or deposit will be refunded to you within 28 days. 


If you, or any of your party attending the photoshoot, develop symptoms in the 14 days following your photoshoot, please inform me immediately so that I can inform all other attendees of the session and we can all self-isolate if and when required. 



This seems like a lot of information, but it’s just about everyone being vigilant and keeping safe! If you do have any questions prior to your photoshoot, please get in touch. 

I can’t wait to see you in the studio!

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