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Image by Magda Fou

All you need to start taking effective, stylish flatlays for your business


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incl. 13

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Over 3 hours of tutorials!

Full Mastermind + Bonus Worksheets

JUST £59

What's included?

  - 13 videos covering:
    * Why flatlays are so popular & how you can use them in your business.
    * How to collate your inspiration & start planning your flatlays.
    * In-depth look at how themes are used in flatlays.
     * Story-telling in flatlays & image analysis of when it's done well. 
    * Equipment to get started.
    * Lighting techniques, incl. adding drama and context using light and shadow.
    * How to set up and shoot for your light.

    * Building your prop collection; my techniques on sourcing perfect props.
    * Styling your flatlays, incl. how to incorporate colour theory.
    * Composition; when less is more and when it's not!

    * Intro to my Mix & Match Matrix.

- Bonus Materials
  - My Mix & Match Matrix template is included to help you plan your flatlays and start building your own prop collection.
  - Image analysis worksheet to help you really look at other images & learn how to incorporate the same techniques in to your work.

Image by Nati Melnychuk
Image by Frankie

This course is for you if:

    * You want to start taking stylish photography at home,
    * You want to improve your skills and confidence in the technical                  aspects of photography,
    * You want to channel your creativity but aren't sure how,
    * You want to improve your social media feeds,
    * You want to be guided through the whole process with loads of helpful hints and techniques & all the knowledge from over10 years in the industry

This course is not for you if:

    * You're confident in your photography skills,
    * You have all the equipment,
    * Your social media feeds are consistent, stylish and garnering loads of traction.

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