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30 Days of FIERCE, Day 16: Helen

"I'm expressing myself again. Not through rebellion, but by embracing what makes me, me."

The last photoshoot in my 30 Days of FIERCE series is a special one for me. My good friend, Helen contacted me near the beginning of my search for fierce ladies and, as she admits herself, she was still a little scared of having her portrait taken and putting her story out there, when it came time to get in front of the camera. But, I'm so proud that she did!

Helen is ready to embrace her story and share what makes her unique...and fierce. Like many, Helen has wrestled with mental health since she was young and has only recently come to accept that these struggles are part of her life. During the last 4 years, Helen reached out for help and was able to find some, which has really helped her push through and she now no longer feels swallowed by the feelings she was having, knowing that little by little, each step she makes is a step towards progress.

In the past, life had often felt like swimming through mud, but Helen now feels much more optimistic and is able to look forward, whilst expressing herself once again and enjoying life.

Helen is one of the most creative people I know; she's always got a project on the go! (she creates beautiful paper-cut art, amongst other things.) She also loves that she's curious about the world and is always questioning the world around her. Feeling powerful, to Helen, is being able to stand up for herself and consciously push herself and her career forwards, knowing that she wouldn't be where she is today without the drive and hunger within herself.

Being a woman, for Helen, means empowerment. We are lucky to live in an age where women are able to have their voices heard, more-so than past generations, and have the chance to change things for future generations.

Helen's future is bound to be awesome with all the ambition she has! She plans to gain some qualifications to help further her career and is willing to push herself to get there. And, of course, lots more funky hair colours!

Thank you for letting me photograph you, Helen!

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