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Personal Branding; Martin

Personal Branding seems to be the buzz word of 2018, but it's something we all need! I like to think of it as a levelled-up headshot and I'll be writing a blog soon about the differences between the two, along with more blogs in the coming months on Personal Branding and how it could be the perfect solution for your business needs.

Martin contacted me recently as he wanted to update his headshots. It can be tricky to get exactly the look you want if you're part of a line of people being photographed as part of a corporate event. So, Martin came in for a more relaxed, personal approach, a space where we could take our time and get the right look for his new shots.

We got some great images for Martin to use in all his business and professional profiles, something that much more reflects the friendly, approachable person that he is! You can read his review of the experience below and see some of his personal branding images.

"I'm really delighted with the personal branding headshots Lauren took for me. They are much more natural and "me" than the previous shots I was using. The booking process was straightforward and clear; Lauren was prompt and efficient and helped create a relaxed atmosphere during the session. Her preference for using natural light also makes for a warm tone in the finished photo. Highly recommended."

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