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3 Tips to Nailing Your Personal Branding Shoot

In my final instalment of Personal Branding blogs, I'll be letting you in on the secrets to nailing your shoot!

These tips can be applied to most sessions I offer, but there are extra things to think about when planning your personal branding session. Take a look below at the most important things to think about if you're having your personal branding photoshoot soon!

Tip 1: Preparation

It's all about the preparation with any type of photoshoot and your personal branding shoot is no different. This is all about you and your business; a real chance to show customers and clients, past, present and future the type of personality you want to project. Any image you use for your brand is potentially a first impression for a future client and if they see consistent, well styled images, it can take no time at all for them to build up the trust in your brand they need to purchase or hire you!

Think about your brand colours - are these something you can incorporate into your outfits and/or accessories? Bright colours are great for making you appear friendly and approachable, so try to utilise this in your session. Darker colours can come across as gloomy, so be careful when choosing your outfits.

Before your session with me, you'll get all the information you need on how to prepare for your session. Things like cleaning jewellery, having your hair the way you like it, treating yourself to that facial at least a few days before hand are all things to bear in mind.

Tip 2: Relax!

It can be hard to relax in front of the camera, believe me, I know; And having someone tell you to relax and smile can be even worse! But, don't fear! It's my job to guide you through your photoshoot, ensuring we get great shots you can use in all your professional outlets. Yes, I will tell you to smile, but just relax and you'll look great!

Tip 3: Know your goals

It's important to think about how and where you want your images to be used. Are they for your website? LinkedIn? Are they being sent out to potential customers? Or are they for use on Instagram and other social media platforms? Knowing this will help us get the shots that you need and provide you with a collection of images you can keep coming back to, to use again and again.

Knowing how and where your images will be used can really make the difference in ensuring we get a cohesive collection of portraits you can use whenever and wherever you need them.

Other things to think about might be including a Gallery Collection package - an add on to your personal branding session, this photoshoot gives you all the behind-the-scenes and location photography you need to use on social media or your website.

Drop me a message to find out more here.

I hope that helps answer some of your questions about preparing for your personal branding session. It really isn't as scary as you may think!

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