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My brand new course, THE FLATLAY MASTERMIND is now live and available to purchase in my shop!

But wait, what is THE FLATLAY MASTERMIND?!

THE FLATLAY MASTERMIND has been over a year in the making and is my biggest course yet, aimed at giving you the whole gamut of insider knowledge on planning, sourcing, lighting, styling and shooting stunning flatlays for your business or hobby at home.

Flatlays are some of the most popular and compelling images on social media - there are millions of uses of the hashtag #flatlay on Instagram alone! So, adding them to your image library for use on your feeds and other marketing could really uplift your business profiles.


In over 3 hours of content, I'll take you through:

- 13 videos covering:

* Why flatlays are so popular & how you can use them in your business.

* How to collate your inspiration & start planning your flatlays.

* In-depth look at how themes are used in flatlays.

* Story-telling in flatlays & image analysis of when it's done well.

* Equipment to get started.

* Lighting techniques, incl. adding drama and context using light and shadow.

* How to set up and shoot for your light.

* Building your prop collection; my techniques on sourcing perfect props.

* Styling your flatlays, incl. how to incorporate colour theory.

* Composition; when less is more and when it's not!

* Intro to my Mix & Match Matrix.


- Bonus Materials

- My Mix & Match Matrix template is included to help you plan your flatlays and start building your own prop collection.

- Image analysis worksheet to help you really look at other images & learn how to incorporate the same techniques in to your work.


The MASTERMIND is designed to take you through the whole process and really build up your skills and confidence in beginning to add some beautiful images to your collection.

Flatlays are used by any and all businesses, big or small and are also a great asset to have for bloggers and influencers. If flatlays are something you want to gain more skills and confidence in in 2022, this course is the perfect starting block to get you planning, designing and shooting gorgeous flatlays at home.

To purchase THE FLATLAY MASTERMIND, click here.

Happy shooting!

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