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Meet the Photographer.

Hi, I'm Lauren. I live in South Buckinghamshire, UK with my fiancé, in our little cottage - It gets freezing in Winter and things keep falling apart but, in the Summer we love sitting in the local gardens with an ice cold coffee or taking a pic-nic to a nearby field. We love where we live and wouldn't change it! (Although would maybe make it a bit more wind-proof...)

Below are some facts about me.

I hope you'll get to know me a bit better and find out more about what makes me tick!

- I am the oldest of 3 siblings and have 1 brother and 1 sister. We're a very creative family and have pursued careers and hobbies in graphic design, dress making and quilting.

- I got the photography bug from my parents. My dad even won a few amateur awards for his photography and I have 2 of my Granddad's old cameras that I still use today. I love them!

- I can recite nearly all of 'Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl'. Seriously, give me any line and I can probably recite the whole scene.

- My idea of a good night is being snuggled up on the sofa under a hand-knitted blanket with my fiancé watching a silly film or comedy quiz show! If there's something yummy and chocolatey involved, even better!

- I lived in Lapland, Finland for 4 months whilst at University. It was cold. I had Finnish language lessons and can still order a cheese burger meal in Finnish!

- I've had a bright pink streak in my hair since 2007. Whilst it's been several different colours, pink is still my favourite, although I am considering a drastic change!

- One of my dreams is to write a novel. They say everyone has one in them! I have an idea for one I've started jotting down but need the time and head space to get writing it!

- The sea scares me. Although I do like a swim in the warm mediterranean sea, if I start thinking about everything else that's in there with me, I get freaked out! It kind of fascinates me, but I don't think I could ever go jumping off a yacht in the middle of the ocean...

- My guilty pleasure is watching trashy American reality shows. 'Real Housewives...' is a bit addictive!

- There are several things on my bucket list. These include seeing the Nazca Lines and Machu Picchu in Peru, visiting Tokyo and hiring a Campervan to travel around New Zealand with my fiancé!

- No one EVER believes how old I am! This can be a good thing and a bad thing... I once got told I looked 17. I was 27 at the time. I've been 'ID'd for buying paracetamol.

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