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Portrait: Holly

During the last May bank holiday, I was able to meet up with my cousin and her daughter, Holly, who is to be one of my bridesmaids soon! I remember when Holly was born and have seen her grow into the now 13 year old she is today!

As a side note, I was a bridesmaid at her mum's wedding and she, in turn, was a bridesmaid at my mum's wedding! I'm delighted that I get to carry on the tradition and hopefully at some point in the future, any daughter I have will be a bridesmaid at Holly's wedding!

We had a lovely afternoon filled with cake and tea (or coffee in my case..!) with Holly and my sister trying on their bridesmaid dresses and shoes. It was lovely to see them all dressed up together in matching outfits.

We also managed to get a photoshoot in with Holly, which she was very excited about! I set up my background in the conservatory - the brightest room in the house - although slightly like a sauna when the sun's out!

We managed 2 backgrounds and several changes of props and fabrics which was great! I loved shooting Holly and I think she loved her images too!

Here are some of my favourites. One my favourite shoots to date!

Let me know what you think!

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