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Portrait: Emilia & It's Chriiisstmmaasss!

I seem to be saying this a LOT recently, but HOW ON EARTH is it Christmas already!? This year has flown by - I'm sure it's the fastest one I've ever experienced! Much has happened this year, so here's my little round-up of 2017 & a look at Emilia's portrait session.

I started my year by launching an ambitious project - to meet & photograph women for a blog series about powerful, fierce women, in which they'd be asked to share their stories with me and then to sit for portraits to accompany the series.

As I've mentioned before, in the 30 Days of FIERCE Thank You post (here) I was worried that no one would want to take part in the project, but I was so lucky to have several amazing women get in touch and want to share their stories. Some of them were going through big changes in their lives, some had come out of the cloud of mental illness, some were finding their confidence and some had even battled illness. It was an honour to photograph each woman who took part and you can find the series on my blog - just search the tag ‘30 Days of FIERCE’.

After a little summer break and more shoots into the Autumn, I entered September by launching the 30 Days of FIERCE blogs as well as a competition with local blogger, MumMeTime Bucks, where one winner would receive a makeover and photoshoot as well as print credit with me.

That shoot is coming in the new year and I can't wait!

Once again, as Autumn turned in to Winter, I decided to update my portfolio, so arranged a model call for girls aged 7-17. Emilia was one of the girls who took part and she was such a professional! We had loads of fun, playing with fabrics and all that amazing mermaid hair! She rocked!

Have a wonderful Christmas and here's to an awesome, FIERCE 2018!

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