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Portrait: Emilia & It's Chriiisstmmaasss!

I seem to be saying this a LOT recently, but HOW ON EARTH is it Christmas already!? This year has flown by - I'm sure it's the fastest one I've ever experienced! Much has happened this year, so here's my little round-up of 2017 & a look at Emilia's portrait session.

I started my year by launching an ambitious project - to meet & photograph women for a blog series about powerful, fierce women, in which they'd be asked to share their stories with me and then to sit for portraits to accompany the series.

After a little summer break and more shoots into the Autumn, I entered September by launching the 30 Days of FIERCE blogs as well as a competition with local blogger, MumMeTime Bucks, where one winner would receive a makeover and photoshoot as well as print credit with me.

That shoot is coming in the new year and I can't wait!

Once again, as Autumn turned in to Winter, I decided to update my portfolio, so arranged a model call for girls aged 7-17. Emilia was one of the girls who took part and she was such a professional! We had loads of fun, playing with fabrics and all that amazing mermaid hair! She rocked!

Have a wonderful Christmas and here's to an awesome, FIERCE 2018!

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