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Portrait: Helen - THE PROM SESSIONS

Helen came in for a Prom Session a few weeks ago and we had such a great time! We shot in the heart of Old Amersham, where Helen had her hair and make-up done by House of Colour and brought along her amazing prom dress for a special session.

I love Prom Sessions! After all the hard work your children put in over the course of their school years, culminating in exams; all the stress they can entail, Prom is the shining light at the end of the tunnel.

I remember my prom in high school; I spent most of the afternoon under the dryer and came out with a crazy amount of tiny ringlets all over my head! These days, I'm sure these things are a much classier affair...

But speaking to Helen before her photoshoot, she mentioned that they hadn't had a photographer at her prom, so she didn't get any nice images of her in her amazing dress. Prom dresses can cost a small fortune and is the one night in a young woman's life where she deserves to go all out and look like a film star, walking down the red carpet! That's why these sessions are so special to me; they capture the young woman your daughter has become, before she embarks on the next exciting chapter of her life AND she gets to wear her prom dress again, knowing that you'll get beautiful images you can look back on for years to come and be awed by the beauty that shines out of them.

These sessions are always fun and these amazing young woman always walk out feeling (and looking) like a million dollars!

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