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30 Days of FIERCE! Real women, real stories, real strength. CAMPAIGN LAUNCH

I'm so excited to be launching a brand new campaign today, dedicated to the strong, powerful women we all know and admire.

30 Days of FIERCE is an awesome project, all about accepting your journey, celebrating who you are now and showing the world what you're made of!

Over the next few months, I'll be photographing women of all shapes and ages, but who all have a story to tell - something that has tested them, be it grief, illness, operation or another struggle they've faced and celebrating them with their own dedicated blog post to be posted throughout September (30 women, 30 blogs, 30 days.)

I am looking for women who know that now is the right time to stand up and walk tall, to give themselves the treat they deserve and to let their power and beauty shine through in an amazing photoshoot experience with me.

Nominate yourself or a friend, mother, sister... to enjoy this fabulous experience which includes an in person consultation, a fully guided photoshoot (with hair and make up as an optional extra for £60), gorgeously artworked images and two digital files sent straight to your inbox, chosen by you at your own private viewing session.

I really can't wait to meet all the amazing women who deserve something extra special and get to leave with images that will last a lifetime.

Sign up or nominate someone here

Sometimes you have to acknowledge your past and the person it has made you, before you can move forwards and embrace the fabulous female you are!

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