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How to Prepare for your Photoshoot: Part 1

So, you've taken the exciting decision to honour yourself and your family and have beautiful portraits taken. The next step is to prepare for your luxury photoshoot experience. But, where do you begin?!

I've compiled a list of things to consider when you have an amazing photoshoot to look forward to!

In this post, I'll be concentrating on all things beauty and how to take care of yourself in the run up to your photoshoot, to really make you look your best and dazzle in your images!


Having your own luxury portrait experience is the best excuse I can think of to pamper yourself! Often, the only time we, as women, treat ourselves to having our hair and make-up done is on our wedding day or high school prom. Isn't it time you treat yourself again? Make yourself look and feel fabulous for your photoshoot and it will shine through in your portraits.

Hair: Have your hair cut around 2 weeks before your photoshoot, but try not to go for too much of a dramatic change unless you're sure you'll love it! Men can have a trim a day or two before their session.

Glasses: If people wouldn't recognise you without your glasses, it's best to keep them on during your shoot. While we can usually work around glasses, it may be an idea to take the lenses out or to borrow a duplicate pair without lenses from your optician.

Eyes: Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before your photoshoot and don't drink too much, either! Consider using a cucumber eye mask to take any redness or puffiness from your eyes.

Lips: Bring extra lip colour with you so we can touch up throughout your session. Use a moisturising lip balm for a few weeks beforehand so your lips aren't chapped or dry.

Teeth: If you're whitening your teeth, start the process at least 2 weeks before your session.

Breakouts: Don't panic! Try using African Black Soap and don't apply tonnes of make-up. It's easier to photoshop out the odd spot than to correct over done make-up.

Make-up: Some photographers, like myself, will offer hair and make-up as part of your experience. If this is the case, you just need a fresh, clean face and clean hair, with no product in, so you're ready to be pampered!

You should discuss hair and make-up with your photographer beforehand, so you can both be on the same page and ensure your look matches your vision.

If you're doing your own make-up, as mentioned above, don't layer it on. You're looking for smooth, even coverage that is photo-ready. But, this is the perfect excuse to have someone do this for you! Just make sure your make-up matches your skin tone!

Fake Tan: Fake tan can look great, but ensure you have even coverage and that it covers any part of your body that will be showing. It's can get tricky trying to make different skin tones match!

Facial Hair: Men - treat yourself to a new razor if you're going clean shaven and make sure to moisturise! Otherwise, trim your beard and perhaps apply some beard oil.

Ladies - It's usually a good idea to wax or use a facial hair removal cream a day or 2 before your session. Pluck those eyebrows and then check for any strays on the day!

Moisturise: Make sure you're moisturising at least once a day for a good 2 weeks before your shoot, especially during winter if you get dry skin!

Nails: Guys, you need to trim and file those talons! Ladies - do the same and make sure, if you're wearing nail varnish, that it's freshly applied the day before your photoshoot. There's nothing more distracting than chipped nail varnish in an otherwise awesome image!

Children: Children just need to be clean, washed and ready for their session. Noses wiped, teeth brushed and hair combed.

I hope you've found these tips helpful and are ready to begin your own glamorous photography experience! Look out for Part 2 coming soon, where we'll look at what clothes to wear and getting those accessories right!

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