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30 Days of FIERCE, Day 4: Emma

"This is who I am, and you know what...that's fabulous!"

Emma is an outgoing woman who has achieved so much in her life, including setting up a successful consulting business and tends to feel most powerful when she's working. She has a fantastic mind and has used her power to build a wonderful, secure life for herself, filled with loving family and friends.

Emma decided to take part in 30 Days of FIERCE to get some of her self confidence back. Having recently decided to become single after over 15 years, getting back into single life and the dating scene is a daunting prospect and sometimes, the outward persona we show to the world can be hiding someone much more fragile and bruised: something which Emma has found, with her fantastic, outward personality, often concealing someone who feels 'not good enough'. With a breast cancer scare, amongst other struggles during the past year or so, Emma is ready to grab life by the horns!

Not one to let negative experiences impact her future, she's ready to accept her past and focus on all the wonderful things she has in her life!

Although, like many of us, her mind is her best friend and her worst enemy, Emma agrees that being a woman is all about confidence and sensuality, while also being coupled with fragility and doubt; Something, I think most women can relate to and I think that's what gives us our power! We know how it feels to be fragile, to feel 'not good enough' but, at some point in our lives, we learn to accept the person we are - that's what makes us FIERCE!

And, that's what Emma is working on in 2017, to accept the amazing woman she is, feel comfortable in her own skin and to love herself, warts and all!

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