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30 Days of FIERCE, Day 7: Charlie

"I've had loads of support. My mum, Ben, my best friend...they've been great."

Charlie is a wonderful person to be around. She is engaged to the lovely Ben - whom she has known since she was 12, but only started dating two years ago and they're currently planning their wonderful festival style wedding!

Having battled with depression since the age of 17, Charlie has faced a lot of stigma from people who found it hard to believe in her 'invisible' illness. While struggling to overcome one bout of depression, Charlie started a relationship with a toxic person who made her feel small and worthless. She fell into a deep depression and social anxiety, as well as leaving her with low self esteem and feeling suicidal.

Now, Charlie is dating Ben and is doing so much better! She's started therapy and is helping those around her to understand her illness, as well as helping others to know they're not alone. She cites the love and support of fiancé, Ben, as well as friends and family, as the force behind her learning to love herself and, having been a care assistant for years, Charlie is now making sure she puts herself first too!

Taking part in 30 Days of FIERCE, Charlie wanted to show off how far she has come in the acceptance of her body and her new found self confidence! She loves the imperfections in herself (which is amazing!) as they are what make her human and now knows that she is perfect the way she is. With loving friends and family around you, you can't go much wrong!

Charlie finds her strength by drawing on the influences of women of past generations; showing strength and defiance even when they've been told otherwise. She knows that she is strong like those before her.

In the future, Charlie wants to train to become a psychiatrist and volunteer therapist so that she may help other people who find themselves in situations similar to hers.

Charlie and Ben are getting married in June 2018 and I know that, with each other, they can only go from strength to strength!

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