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30 Days of FIERCE, Day 9: Kirsty

"You should never let your gender make you believe you can't do something."

Kirsty is a fantastic mountain biker who has delved into a male dominated world and is coming out on top! Having fallen in love with the sport two years ago, Kirsty is now keen to get more women into mountain biking and discovering what a fun, exciting industry it is!

When she joined the sport, there was a lot of prejudice and intimidation from the men riding and Kirsty found herself having to work even harder to prove herself in the sport she loves so much. Kirsty realised that the sport was 90% men, which often didn't do much to help with her lack of self confidence. But, having persisted with her passion, Kirsty now says that mountain biking has given her so much confidence and she has gained so much from it.

Kirsty has loved taking risks, seeing that they do pay off and loves knowing that, pushing herself, she can achieve things she never thought possible. She now knows that she can take on any challenge that she previously never thought she could and has seen her confidence grow and grow, whilst being able to meet many like minded people.

Kirsty wanted to take part in 30 Days of FIERCE, to celebrate her new found confidence and to help encourage other women to get involved in mountain biking. She loves that being a woman means being strong and determined.

Often riding with her partner and other women she's met through the sport, Kirsty often competes in downhill riding and is now helping a biking clothing brand develop a new range of women's wear, helping women feel more included in a fast paced, exhilarating sport which will continue to grow!

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