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30 Days of FIERCE, Day 11: Debra

"I've been re-built: I'm bionic!"

Debra has definitely been on a journey during the last year. While going through a tricky divorce, in January 2016, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Debra went through mastectomy surgery and then underwent chemotherapy.

She has been incredibly strong throughout her illness and treatment, enduring a disease that, all too often, has the power to strip women of the things that make them feel like a woman. Debra, however, has not let this affect her and has found a new lease of life since her surgery!

Working as an immigration lawyer, Debra had to take the year off while she recovered from breast cancer, but has thrown herself into her community, joining several local groups, including the local hockey team and a singing group! She cites the support and positiveness of her community, in her local village, as one of the most positive forces in her recovery.

Debra also has 3 children, whom she has raised single-handedly since her divorce and, during the last year, has seen them through A-levels, GCSEs and an 11 plus.

Debra took part in 30 Days of FIERCE to capture the person she is now; the person she has become since her tough year. Having "survived and flourished though a difficult year" and being told constantly that her new hair is really cool, she is ready to embrace her new appearance, the new chances life has given her and now, is keen to explore what life has in store. With a new beginning in front of her, Debra isn't ready to sit back and let life happen, she wants to grab it and run with it!

Now well on her way to recovery, Debra is all set for a FIERCE future!

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