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THE FOLIO BOX: the premium choice for treasuring your portraits.

When I started my business, I knew I wanted to offer my clients something special; something more than the norm.

I knew I wanted to make the whole experience, from beginning to end, a memorable one and that doesn’t stop after your shoot. It carries on to your ordering session and that special feeling should continue and be revitalised every time you look at your images. And let’s be honest, you don’t look at your images when they’re hidden on a cd and stuck in a drawer.

That’s when I came across The Folio Box and, after a LOT of research and a few trials and errors, I discovered this beauty.

Introducing the new Lauren Pinhorn Photography Folio Box.

Designed to last, these boxes are hand made in the UK and comprise a sturdy frame, ensuring any accidental bumps don't affect your images. It's covered in a gorgeously soft, faux leather (I keep stroking it, it's so soft!) and each print is carefully placed in it's own matt for protection, that lasts forever.

You even get your own USB included in it's own, special clip-in holder, which holds all your purchased images, ready for you to print as many copies as your family and friends can handle!

Starting from £950 (prints included), these are now on offer to everyone who books a shoot with me! Let's schedule a complimentary consultation today so you can see the Folio Box in person (& maybe stroke it for yourself!)

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