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How Selfies Make Your Teen More Confident

Sounds crazy, right? We're constantly hearing how all that time spent on social media can be damaging to our teen's mental health, but studies are now suggesting that all those selfies could actually be improving your teen's confidence and self esteem. How does that work I hear you ask!? Check out some of the results of this study and see for yourself.


A study by the University of California, Irvine was carried out on 41 college students, 13 male, 23 female. While taking part in the research, the students were asked to carry on their normal, daily activities, whilst documenting their mood 3 times a day on an app.

This was done after students were put in to 1 of 3 groups, each with a different task. Group 1 was to take a daily selfie, while smiling, group 2 was tasked with taking a daily photo of something that made them happy and group 3 had to take a photo of something that would make someone else happy - then send the image to that person.

During the study, 2900 mood measurements were recorded and users reported an increased positive mood in every group.

The group taking daily selfies reported feeling more confident and becoming more comfortable with their smiling faces over the study period.

This backs up other research I've found which states that children who see photographs of themselves on a regular basis are happier and more confident people.

It's long been thought that laughter is contagious; perhaps the findings of this study could be linked to that theory? Seeing a smiling, happy person releases your own endorphins, promoting a happier mood and, in time, a more confident person who is comfortable in their own skin.

What do you think? Do you notice a difference in your teen if they're regularly seeing photos of themselves? Maybe it's time to get the selfie-stick out!

Check out the study results here

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