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Class of 2020: Registration Now Open! Sign up for your free gift!

Ladies! Registration for Class of 2020 is now OPEN!

I’m so excited to be bringing you another year of fabulous glamour and fun with professional makeovers and gorgeous photo shoots that will have you ready to take on the world!

Slots for these sessions open in January, so be sure to register your interest now and get priority access when booking opens. You’ll also receive a voucher for 15% off your session fee when you register.

So, what is Class of 2020 all about?

Launched last year, Class of... makeover & photoshoot sessions are designed to empower, boost self-confidence and get you loving YOU. Inspired by the high-school senior portraits, popular in America, Class of 2020 is also a girl tribe where young women come together to support and inspire each other.

Whether you or your daughter is preparing to take exams next Summer, moving to university or starting life in the world of work, being a young woman can be tough, these days. My team and I are here to take all the stress away. With a professional (age appropriate) makeover, styling and a fully guided photoshoot, your Class of 2020 session will have you relaxed and de-stressed as you enjoy a day of pampering and celebration.

"It's an honour to see someone so un-confident, who has told me they don't like having their photo taken, blossom in front of my camera and step in to their true selves. Knowing that THEY know how beautiful and fierce they are is always amazing to watch."


These sessions are all about celebrating the woman you have become, your awesome achievements and giving you a huge boost of confidence before you venture forth to the next exciting chapter of your life.

But, don't just take my word for it.

Here's what Helen had to say about her Class of 2019 photoshoot.

"I was really worried & anxious about doing this photoshoot as I honestly thought only pretty people do them. I never thought I'd have a photoshoot. I have low self-esteem and I'm not very camera confident.

For the first time, after having the shoot, I actually thought 'I look pretty' and was very happy with how the photos came out. The way you captured the photos really made me look and feel beautiful.

I love how you made me feel comfortable. I didn't know how to pose and you guided me through it so wonderfully, you really made me feel at ease.

Ever since the shoot, I have overall felt more confident in photos as you showed me I can look beautiful. I have had so many compliments about the shoot and I would love to do it again as it really does boost your self-esteem; having my hair & makeup done and just being made to feel pretty.

I can't thank you enough for the experience. I would 100% do it again! You have brought me confidence I didn't know I had, honestly! For a self-esteem boost, I would definitely come to you again. I had such a lovely day and you made it feel easy.'


To register your interest, follow this link. You will receive a 15% off voucher for your session fee and priority access to booking when sessions open in January.

I can't wait to see you there!

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