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Class of 2020 Gift Cards; Exclusive Offer!

Let's face it, our worlds have been a bit topsy-turvy recently. With many of us working from home, or not being able to work at all and our young people suddenly unable to take exams or look forward to things like prom and end of year activities, life has been quite the disarray.

I wanted to do something to help. So, I spent time thinking about how I could alleviate some of the stress this situation has got us in, whilst also giving those missing out on these milestones something to look forward to and really, a way for the parents and carers of these young people to say a huge 'well done & thank you' for adapting, trying, working and surviving.

All this has lead to me being able to announce this one time only, exclusive offer.

All Class of 2020 Gift Cards are now 50% EXTRA!

This means that, when you purchase a gift card for a Class of 2020 makeover & photoshoot, before 31st August 2020, your gift card is automatically worth 50% more than what you pay.

I've never done this before and I may never do it again, but I wanted to offer you all a fantastic deal so that we all have something to look forward to once lockdown is over and life has some semblance of normality again.

I've designed my gift cards to look super special so the person you're gifting will feel the luxury before they've even had their photoshoot. They come in various amounts and are designed to cover either the photoshoot itself or to be put towards my Folio Box packages.

I've also launched my new online shop, so purchasing your gift cards is even easier!

But you don't have to stop at one gift; gift cards are also perfect for birthdays, Christmas, Mothering Sunday, end-of-exams gifts, graduation, engagement... you name it!

To order a gift card for your loved one, go here.

See you in the studio!

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