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2020; A Year Like No Other!

Not exactly the year we all had planned, I'm guessing.

It's been a topsy-turvy year; Like many, I had several personal and business events and goals planned and, in January, was SO on the ball and positive and ready to make 2020 my best year yet! ...And then Coronavirus arrived. By the end of February, it was starting to all look a bit dodgy; by the beginning of March, events were starting to be cancelled and travelling in to big cities like London and Manchester (both of which were on the cards for me) was starting to seem a bit unnerving.

Then, of course, on March 23rd the UK went in to lockdown. No one was able to socialise, see friends or family, or even leave their house for anything other than essentials like food, medical treatment or exercise! Imagine someone telling you in April 2019, that a year from now, you'd be working from home (or not working at all!), you were only allowed to leave your house for about an hour a day, all the cafes, restaurants and cinemas you usually go to would be shut down and you had to keep 2 meters away from everyone outside of your household at all times. It sounds like madness... and it kind of was! (Still is..?!)

January 2020 was the first time I'd ever made a vision board; actually thought about and put to paper the things I wanted to achieve throughout the year. Some personal, like getting better sleep, eating healthier, decorating my office - all of which I achieved - and some business related, like having an article in a magazine, holding a workshop and featuring on a podcast.

Not all of these came to fruition but, now it's December, it's the perfect time to look back on what we have achieved this year and to adjust your goals and dreams for the next 12 months.

I was proud to be featured in Buckinghamshire Living Magazine in June this year, talking about my Class of 2020 photoshoots and the self-love revolution I'm a huge advocate for! I also wrote for or had features on a couple of other blogs this year, too.

I had a podcast guest spot lined up in January and was excited to smash one of my bigger goals so early on in the year, but that fell through and is something that remains on my vision board.

Then, of course, there are the things like hosting workshops, speaking in schools and colleges, holding VIP events - and even doing photoshoots themselves! - These things all had to fall by the wayside as the UK shut down and we weren't allowed to socialise or meet up with anyone outside of our household.

But, this is 2020. I think just getting to the end of the year is an achievement in itself!

Honestly, anything we've achieved this year is great! With all the myriad conditions, unexpected restrictions and traumas we've all had to contend with this year, if you've stayed safe and well, I think you're doing fantastically!

I guess what I'm saying is, its easy to write this year off and only focus on the negatives, but I'm determined to look at the positives. Having to spend so much time on my own, not working this year, made me realise the importance of a good work-life balance. It made me appreciate nature and the countryside walks I went on. It got me to be proud of all the personal work I've done on myself this year; things like mindset and body image and these are all things I'm excited to continue enjoying and developing in 2021. I now have a clearer vision for where I want to take my business in the coming years, the type of clients I want to work with and the amazing women I can't wait to help grow in confidence and find their spark!

While 2020 was the year none of us had planned, we'll adapt and we'll make the most of it. And we'll never take for granted the little moments we'll have together, again.

I'd love to know the good things you're taking with you in to the new year?

See you in 2021!


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