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Keeping Instagram Fresh When You’re Stuck Indoors

How and where we work has changed drastically over the last year or so and if you're a service based business, who is used to visiting clients and having face-to-face contact, you may have encountered the dilemma of what on earth to post on Instagram and social media when you're not getting that human interaction.

Whilst it used to be easy to document meeting places, cafes, lunch stops and travel, if you’re now more about working online, at home, the insta-inspiration may have taken a bit of a hit. In this blog, I’m giving you back some of that inspiration so you can keep your Instagram looking fresh, even when working from home.


Be Honest

Everyone knows that the way we work has changed. If you’re at home more, don’t be afraid to be honest and show it. There are things you can always document when you’re at home too, like your morning routine, tick lists of your jobs for the day, kids and pets causing distraction..!

Clients will relate to you if you’re portraying an honest version of your working life.

Find The Details

I‘ve mentioned in previous posts and courses that people love to see the detail of how and where you work. It might be a favourite notebook, the view from your window, your desk plant companion... Find the details of your daily working life and document it. All these things can be Instagram posts.

Spice Up Your Flatlays

Flatlays are very popular and will always get a lot of traction on social media when they're done well. Search Instagram for the hashtag flatlays and save the ones that inspire you. How can you use these techniques to start creating images like this for your business?

Find a Different Perspective

Search for new places to walk on your lunch break, or a new cafe to sit in and work for a while. Whilst this will be great for your mental health and work/home/life balance, it is all also things you can document and share on social media. Don't forget to tag companies you visit or use in your posts; this will get more eyes on your profiles and open up a wider customer base


I hope these tips are helpful for when you're feeling stuck for posting ideas (we've all been there!) Got any ideas of your own? Let me know below or send me an Insta-DM!

See you in the studio!


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