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Location, Location, Location: Choosing the Right One for the Right Shot.

When you embark on taking images for your own business, you might be thinking you need fancy equipment and locations, the right lighting, the perfect backdrop... But that's not true! You can definitely start by using what you have at home. This blog will show you how to choose the best location for the type of images you need for your business and how to make the most out of them. No fancy equipment necessary!


Would you believe me if I told you this shot was taken sitting on the floor of my living room, with only the natural light that was coming through the window next to me?

Your location doesn't have to be fancy!

Having a plain-coloured wall and an uncluttered background will make any image you take for your business look more striking and professional. It will keep the focus on the subject of the image, whether that's you or a product or item (for example, a notebook or laptop for service-based businesses). Distractions are just that; anything that detracts the eye from the subject or main focal point of the image (what you want your customers to be looking at) should be removed from the frame or limited as best you can.

Find an area of your space that has good natural light. Next to a south-facing window is good, but be careful of direct sunlight! You want to avoid harsh shadows and patterns caused by the sun coming through windows and curtains.

It might be a case of waiting until cloud cover or for a particular time of day, when you know the sun won't cause dark shadows in your images.

Using decor, furnishings and accessories you already have is always going to spice up any room sets and lifestyle photography you take for your business.

Have a walk around your space, see where the light hits and which of your products or items you could add to the scene to give them a context.

Get in to the mind of your ideal client; what would they like, or expect, to see from you?


Using these tips for background, lighting and props, you'll be taking great photography in no time!

See you in the studio!


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