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How To Travel With Your Camera

Hi everyone! Are we all ready for Autumn?! To me, Autumn means hot chocolate, big knitted jumpers and cute heeled boots! Yay! We've just come back from honeymoon in Italy - its definitely colder here and the nights are drawing in, but I'm looking forward to getting all the snuggly scarves out too!


Here is the first in a new series of blog posts, where I will be giving you some help and guidance on getting the most out of your camera and getting snap happy in Amersham!

In this blog, I'll be outlining some tips and tricks on how to travel with your camera. Whether you have a compact 'point -n-shoot' or own a big ol' DSLR, this post will hopefully help you to keep your equipment safe and keep you rockin' the Tourist Abroad look, too!


Safety and security are probably the most important aspects to think about when packing your camera for your travels. You need to be sure that the equipment you've spent your hard earned money on will stay safe when you're on holiday.

The first thing to think about is what pockets and compartments your camera bag has. Look for bags with several different pockets - pockets inside the main compartment are great! Having different compartments in the same bag means that you can spread your most important camera gear around your bag, so that if someone should get in to your gear, it's less likely they'll be able to take much!

If you're carrying a large camera around, you should be looking for a bag which at least zips up around the main compartment and then has an extra lock, like a clip-lock to make it even more secure. Many camera bags now have this as standard but its always important to think about when and where you'll be taking your camera on holiday and plan accordingly!

If you're taking your compact camera on holiday with you, you must, must, must have a wrist strap! This will stop you both from dropping your camera into that pretty lake you're taking pictures of and someone grabbing it from your hand in crowded places.

The other thing to look out for is what the bag is made of. You want something that's tough and not easily cut or damaged. Also look out for padded cases and bags, for whatever size camera you have, you want something that will take the knocks just that little bit more.


Good news! You can keep your camera gear safe and still look awesome!

There are a few types of camera bag that really draw me to them, for various reasons. Obviously, everyone will have their own preferences but, these are some of my favourites. It's good to keep in mind the safety and security features when looking for a bag that still looks cool as well!

I love a leather bag. You can get some really good looking leather camera bags now. Sometimes they don't even look like camera bags!

This one is by Grafea and, while it's a little pricey (£160) it has lots of compartments, side pockets, fold over front fastening and is made from wearable material. It also comes in baby pink!!

This compact camera case by aquapac is durable and waterproof. It also has a hard lens case so, if you have a camera with zoom, you don't have to worry about breaking it on the sealed case! It has wrist straps too, so you can attach it to yourself whilst underwater and snap away!

Lowepro is always a good bet for all your camera needs. I particularly like this camera bag which has the zip and clip-lock as mentioned before, is durable and looks pretty sleek too! It's a decent size, so should fit anything from a bridge camera to a larger entry-level DSLR.

The Lowepro website also has a 'BagFinder' app which helps you find the perfect bag for your photo and video gear! Awesome!

The other big name in camera bags (and all other camera accessories) is Manfroto. As with most other camera accessory companies, you can go from cheap to expensive: simple and classic to the more 'Modern Retro' look.

If you're into keeping up (or down) with the kids, this bag is an awesome. It's got a great look and should be comfortable too as its backpack design makes it less hard on the back and shoulders. Of course, if you're jetting off to Europe and are going to be walking around busy city centres, you can probably fit everything else you need for your day in this bag too.

There are tons of compartments, just be a bit wary of that zip right at the front!


So, what do you actually need to take on holiday with you? It's so tempting to pack your whole camera kit! But, do you really need that external flash and remote shutter control?

This is where planning comes in. Think about where you're going and when you're going there.

My husband and I have just come back from honeymoon in Lake Como. Being in Italy's lake district, we knew there was going to be some amazing scenery and chances for some great landscape photography. If you're going somewhere like that, think about taking a lightweight tripod. Especially if you want to be in the photos yourselves!

You can also get mini tripods which stand on a table, but be warned they may not always take the weight of your camera!

To be honest, I've never taken an external flash on holiday with me. Be warned that most churches, cathedrals and museums will not allow flash to be used inside. If you're planning on shooting at night, you will probably want the atmospheric lighting, rather than a bright flash in people's faces. An external flash is just too much extra bulk that I've never needed on holiday.

Of course, the most important things to take with your are your SD cards (or whichever recording format your camera takes), batteries (and spare ones, just in case!) and your camera/battery charger. And don't forget a travel plug adaptor if you are leaving the country! (We've all been there..!)

So, I hope this post has helped a bit in sorting out your travel list on what you need when taking your camera on holiday. If you do forget anything, there is usually always somewhere you can pop in and stock up! Whether you're planning a trip for next Summer or are looking forward to a wintry break this year, your camera is an important thing to take! Happy holidays!


Please note, I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by any brands mentioned above. These are my personal opinions.

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