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Amazing Autumn Photos: How to make the most of that gorgeous light!

We're now well and truly in Autumn mode. (Anyone else getting exciting about Christmas!?) But the shorter days and darker nights doesn't mean that we shouldn't be outside shooting!

You can get some gorgeous photos in Autumn time. Golden leaves on the ground, whispy mist rolling across the hills and all those scrummy knitted hats and mittens!

In the next of my help and guidance series, here are a few tips to get the most out of those Autumn Photographs!



Are you more of an an early bird or a night owl? The good news is, it doesn't matter in Autumn! Sunrise and Sunset are known as the Magic Hours - because of the beautiful light they yield. Getting up early may mean an extra cup of coffee, but it could be worth it when you get that sunrise, misty morning shot you've been hankering after! With the mist rolling away and the frost starting to melt, early morning can be really beautiful.

Equally, sunset is a great time to shoot too! The sky changes colours, the birds are roosting...there's just something magical about a sunset in Autumn. Try finding a high vantage point where you can get some awesome landscapes filled with trees, birds and that sunset falling behind the hills.


Autumn is all about the colours. The vivid blues, greens and pinks of Summer turn into the warming browns, reds and oranges of Autumn. Its the perfect time to get creative with your photography. Hunt for fallen leaves, conkers and those wildflowers that thrive in the cooler temperatures. Play around with Macro photography and see what shapes, shadows and compositions you can construct!

Think about contrasting colours too. Blue goes with yellow, green goes with red... Downloading a colour wheel might help you on your hunt for that stand-out image.


Autumn can play havoc with the exposure and White Balance on your camera. Even compact cameras now have options to set your White Balance, so play around with them. Try setting it to the Cloudy setting. This often ups the yellow/orange tones your camera captures, making the Autumn colours really pop.

For sunsets and sunrises, the Sunny white balance setting can take the edge off the cool tones and give you the gorgeous warm tones you're looking for.


There is so much going on during the Autumn months! While the UK may not be overrun with pumpkin patches, you could always purchase a few to add to your landscape or family photos. They'll add that special Autumn, Hallowe'en feel and will make your photos stand out.

Who can forget that both Hallowe'en and Bonfire Night take place in Autumn? Make the most of these events by bringing out the costumes, sparklers or even hosting a family bonfire and capturing gorgeous images of your loved ones as they stay warm by the fire, eat marshmallows, carve pumpkins or go foraging for blackberries!

Autumn seems to always bring to mind the changes that nature goes through too. Go on a country walk and see what you can spot. Collect fallen pine cones and crisp leaves. Those big Autumn coats and wooly hats really add atmosphere. It's always good to think about the details!


Autumn can help produce some amazing family photography! Try capturing the little ones as they play around in the leaves. Have someone throw or drop a handful into your shot and take the image as they're floating back to the ground.

Sending the kids on a treasure hunt in the woods is a great idea to get them involved. They can even then take their own photographs of what they've found!

I hope this has given you a few ideas and maybe even convinced you to wrap up warm, take a flask of hot chocolate with you and get outside, photographing Autumn! It really is a beautiful season!


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