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Headshots VS Personal Branding: What's the Difference?!

We've all heard the words Personal Branding flying around this year. Phrases like 'You need personal branding photographs!' and 'Update your personal branding images!' have been said by many a photographer to many a client. But - what is Personal Branding and why has it seemingly changed it's name? Wasn't the term 'Headshots' perfectly fine?!

Well, yes, but to me, personal branding is something almost entirely different to a simple headshot. Here, I'm going to take you through the three main reasons as to why I treat a personal branding session differently to a headshots session and what you get when you book either portrait session with me.

Please bear in mind that I can only speak for the way I work and how I structure my shoots and packages. Other photographers may work differently and therefore offer different opinions.


Personal Branding sessions are usually longer.

A Personal Branding session is usually always longer than a Headshots session. This means that we can take more time getting to know you, your business and what kind of image you want to portray to your clients and customers.

It is true that first impressions matter and it's important to get the right message across, even before you've spoken to a client, emailed them or had someone visit your website.

With more time allotted to your Personal Branding session, we can really get to the heart of your business and the ethos behind why you do what you do.


You get more choice - in everything!

Because these sessions are longer, you get more chance to wear several more outfits than you would at a Headshots session. With the extra time allocated to ensuring we get everything right - and you get the images you were looking for - there's scope to change outfits several times over, including the details, like jewellery and accessories, and even change back if we need to!

I also try and make time for a bit of fun at the end of a session. So, this is your opportunity to bring in that gorgeous gown you don't often get to wear and we'll get some beautiful, glamorous portraits of you too.

Because you've worn more outfits, on more backdrops, there's more choice when it comes to choosing your images. Prices remain the same whether you've booked a family portrait session or a personal branding session (or maybe you've mixed the two!) so your job is just to choose the images you love most!


There's much more included.

Just as you get more choice in the outfits you can wear and therefore, more images to choose from at your Ordering Session, the products I offer at a Personal Branding session are different too.

Personal branding is treated almost the same as any other portrait session, which means you get the same options for products. With framed images available and the gorgeous Folio Box, you can choose something that will complement your experience perfectly and keep your images archived for as long as you need them. Of course, you also get every image you purchase on your own USB as well, so the shots you choose to use for your business and professional profiles are ready and waiting to be uploaded wherever they need to go. I also offer a complementary resizing service, so those images you need for your business profiles can be resized by me so you don't have to worry about them not fitting or losing an important aspect of your image.

If you want to know more about the Personal Branding sessions I offer business people, creatives and entrepreneurs, including other services like my Gallery package (a complete behind-the-scenes or online marketing gallery), click here to request a free PDF information pack.

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