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5 Tricks To GORGEOUS Photo-Ready Skin

Follow these simple steps and you'll have healthy, glowing skin that's ready for your perfect makeover and photoshoot experience!

One: Cleanse

Cleansing your skin is an important part of your beauty routine. Doing this at least once a day will remove make-up, clear out any impurities and unclog your pores, allowing your skin to breathe. This makes your skin look healthier and more plump, giving you a beautiful, natural glow.

Two: Moisturise

Second to cleansing, moisturising should be your next port of call in skin care. It sounds obvious, but moisturising ensures your skin keeps its moisture, making it looks natural and healthy while stopping it drying out. This will give you a great base for your make-over!

Three: Eat Well

A good diet not only does wonders for your insides, but can really affect the appearance of your skin too! Too much fatty or sugary foods can cause breakouts and less than perfect skin. Cutting out or down on these foods a month or two before your photoshoot can leave you not only feeling great, but looking great too!

Four: Play it Safe

A few days before your photoshoot is not the time to be experimenting with hair colours or new makeup. New cosmetics could potentially cause skin reactions and these can be hard to cover up on the day.

Instead, book your facial and haircut a week or two before your photoshoot.

Five: Sleep!

Sleep is so underrated as an aide to beautifying your skin! It's the time of day that your body heals and repairs itself - and that includes your skin! Not getting enough sleep can lead to deeper under-eye circles (we all have them, but no harm in minimising them, right!?) as well as breakouts.

The cardinal sin of skin care and sleep is to sleep with your make up on! Always remember to take your make up off before you go to bed. Even a splash of water and a soft towel is better than nothing and will greatly reduce the risk of spots, visible pores and poor skin for your moment in front of the camera.

By following these steps, you'll ensure you look and feel fabulous for your photoshoot! It really can make all the difference. I can't wait to photograph you!

See you in the studio!

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