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5 Lessons on Feeling Confident at Your Photoshoot (& in Life!)

The number one concern my clients express to me is, fundementally, a lack of confidence in front of the camera. Whether they believe themselves to be 'unphotogenic', or they're worried about posing, most people I work with have either never had a photo of themselves they love and/or never had a professional photoshoot before.

In a world where we're conditioned to never like the way we look, seeing images of yourself where you believe you're not the 'socially acceptable standard' of beauty can be confronting. It is always my mission to help every one I photograph love the way they look and, being confident/relaxing in front of the camera is often half the battle.

Keep scrolling for my best advice on feeling your best in front of the camera. I promise it doesn't have to be scary!


1. Self-Care

When I have an event or occasion coming up, especially if it's something I haven't done before, I like to be as prepared as possible. For me, that means ensuring I've had enough sleep, eaten well and stayed hydrated. Ticking off your list of basic needs means you'll feel more relaxed and your mind will be calmer when it comes to stepping in front of the camera

2. Own Your Worthiness

Before your session, stand in front of the mirror and smile at your self - properly. What do you love about yourself? It doesn't have to be physical; it could be your sense of humour or your cooking skills! Being kind to yourself, regularly, will automatically make you feel more confident in yourself and in front of the camera. It takes practice, but being kind to yourself is a sure-fire way to up that confidence.

3. Be a Copy Cat

During a photoshoot with me, I'll guide you through poses and expressions, so you won't have the constant worry about how you're standing and where your hands should go. I know what looks good on camera and I've spent years studying how posing works for different bodies, so I know how to get the best out of you on the day.

I often use 'mirroring' in my sessions; where you will copy what I'm doing to get in to a pose, or you'll be following my guidance and gestures to make the slight adjustments required to make that shot fabulous!

4. Get to Know Your Photographer

Whichever photographer you choose for your photoshoot, be it for branding, weddings or something else, getting to know your photographer before your session is an important step. Most will (& should) offer a consultation beforehand, whether that's over the phone or in-person and they should always be willing to answer any questions or concerns you have about anything to do with the process.

Have a read of their blog, if they have one, and take a look at their socials to figure out if they're the right photographer for you.

5. Be Comfortable

Being comfortable first starts with self care and then picking outfits that you feel great in. I give my clients guides before the day to ensure they're feeling their best, filled with expertise on picking the right clothing, accessories and underwear. If you feel great, you'll look great.


Do you have any more tips you use to boost your confidence, whether that's in front of the camera, or in the day-to-day? I'd love to know! You can always pop in to my DMs to ask a question or, if you want more advice on preparing for your photoshoot, take a look at this blog post on getting Gorgeous, Photo-Ready Skin!

See you in the studio!


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