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The 3 Pillars of Business Photography

Starting a business can be scary, exciting and all the other emotions, all at the same time! But, one thing's for sure, you need great images.

Here are my 3 Pillars of Business Photography to help get you on your way and to take some of that overwhelm away from what may seem like an endless to-do list.


Headshots & Selfies

The headshot has been around for as long as modern business and, it's true, you really should invest in some headshot photography. A good photographer will help you pose, style you and help you feel comfortable when having your photo taken - I know it's not everyone's idea of a good time, but it can make all the difference!

A great headshot will make you appear professional, expert and trustworthy; all things you and your business need to be portraying.

It's also a great habit to start taking selfies regularly, if you don't already. These can be much more relaxed than your 'official' headshots and will allow clients and customers to get to know you much better and much faster. A paying customer wants to see your face. Start with these topics and get yourself in front of the camera!

Topics to include in your selfie taking: - A day-in-the-life

- Outings

- You and your kids or pets

- Holidays

Product Photography

Not everyone will have a product to sell, but you can still use some product photography skills to influence your other photography.

Your product images needs to be clear and consistent. Always have the customer in mind. It needs to be obvious what you're selling and they must be able to compare products with each other.

Start with a white background (a piece of card will do) and play around with styling and layouts until you're happy enough to use your set-up in all your product photography.

Find somewhere with lots of natural light and you won't even need to invest in expensive equipment.

Lifestyle Photography

Nowadays, every brand needs some sort of lifestyle photography. This covers everything that isn't a standard product shot, for instance, layflats, models and room sets. This can also cover lifestyle images of you and your business! The great thing about lifestyle imagery is that both service and product businesses really benefit from it. It will show off your products, but will also show your clients how you work as well. It's a great idea to update these shots every 6 months or so to keep your social feeds and website fresh and interesting.

Whether you're investing in a professional or having a go yourself, a gallery of lifestyle and branding photography is a brilliant thing to have and will be a go-to for months to come.


I hope this gives you a good idea on where to focus your photography next and can help make business life a little bit easier!

See you in the studio!


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